Pets Welcome

Up until December 31 of 2022 the hotel allows cats or dogs of fancy breeds under 6 kg. Pets are allowed in the hotel no more than one per guest room.

Please read the following Pet Accommodation Policy carefully:

1. Accommodation of guests with pets is allowed under veterinary documents of the established sample (certificate from the veterinarian with a note on all vaccinations).
2. Hunting, service or fighting dog breeds, as well as dogs without veterinary documents are strictly prohibited for accommodation.
3. Only homoithermic, non-exotic animals are considered pets and are allowed at the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to determine the possibility of stay for said pet.
4. The guest shall provide his pet with own special mat or cage, as well as utensils for feeding and drinking, hygienic accessories.
5. The use of hotel tableware or utensils for pet feeding purposes is strictly prohibited.
6. It is not allowed to wash pets in the bathroom or shower, use towels, sheets and other bedding of the hotel for wiping.
7. In the absence of a special cage, it is forbidden to leave pets unattended in the hotel room. The guest is also obliged to notify the hotel about the animal in the room left without supervision.
8. Animals are not allowed in public areas of the hotel without the supervision of the owner.
9. Pets in public areas of the hotel must be leashed or carried in a cage.
10. Guest shall ensure the absence of a pet during the cleaning of the room by the hotel staff.
11. Guest shall independently clean up the vital products of the pet.
12. The pet owner takes full responsibility for solving the problems of nutrition, cleaning, and walking the pet.
13. All responsibility and expenses for possible damage to the property of the hotel by animals shall be borne by the owner of the pet.
14. All risks associated and proceeding from the behavior of the animal, as well as the time and conditions of its stay in the hotel room, shall be borne by the owner of the animal.
15. For the purpose of additional cleaning and disinfection of the guest room following the pet stay 5,000 (five thousand) rubles will be charged at check-in.
16. The hotel reserves the right to terminate guest accommodation in case of aggressive, inadequate, noisy behavior of the pet.

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