Les Clefs d’Or

We are proud to share another significant event in the history of our hotel: our concierge Lyudmila Demina is now an official member of the prestigious professional Les Clefs d’Or International Union of Concierges, with the respectable symbolic sign.
The Golden Keys organization is the only professional association of hotel concierges with approximately 4,000 members from over 80 countries all over the world. This is not just an international union embodying hotel professionals, but a specific community whose members strive for continuous professional growth and the establishment of new highest standards of service. There are 66 owners of the Les Clefs d’Or sign in Russia and the CIS countries, with only 28 of them serving concierges in Moscow hotels.

Les Clefs d’Or union can rightfully be called the major league of hospitality professionals, a kind of a club with its own traditions established in 1952. The Golden Key concierges have the exceptional advantage of providing extended privileges to guests, and a superior level of personalized service.

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