Memorandum On Safety


Dear Friends, Partners and Guests,

For Golden Ring Hotel Moscow, as the largest federal independent congress hotel in Moscow, five star hospitality finest traditions, customer focus and all aspects of safety and security have always served as the main priorities in our daily operations as well as our strongest advantages since hotel opening in 1998.

In view of the current uneasy situation caused by the spread of the coronavirus infection COVID-19 we have taken full responsibility to perform all comprehensive managerial, sanitary and epidemiological measures to ensure the maximum level of safety and eliminate risks to the health of our guests and employees, including:

  • The aid of outsource personnel is fully excluded from operation, and the entire volume of our service is provided by own certified and instructed staff, subject to daily health check prior and during the work;
  • We have significantly increased the control over frequency, quality and requirements for cleaning and disinfection of guest rooms, public areas, industrial and engineering systems and hotel premises, also involving regular airing and machine disinfection;
  • We perform additional disinfection of guest areas (entrance and front desk, halls, restaurants and conference rooms) with the use of bactericidal UV lamps and air ionizers;
  • Main public areas and bathrooms are additionally equipped with touch-free dispensers of hand sanitzer gel;
  • Individual face masks and hand sanitzers are distributed at guest rooms prior to check-in. These items are as well available for purchase at Reception desk;
  • Hotel managerial and medical staff, being in tight cooperation with the relevant federal authorities and health organizations, monitor the situation precisely and act in timely compliance with all requirements and regulations issued.
  • We would like to express our confidence that all of the above listed in the union with true care, professional expertise and hospitality of the entire Golden Ring Hotel Moscow team shall brings additional exclusivity touch, safety and value of service to our guests and clients at these difficult and ambiguous times.

    We stay open and act responsible, and strongly believe in the soonest change to the better!

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